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My Favourite (New) MLBB Lipstick

I recently made a purchase last week at my local MAC counter, which is viola MAC’s Syrup in their lipstick range! After hearing endlessly from Lily Pebbles about this lipstick, I decided to try on the lipstick for myself to see what the hype is […]

Winter Skincare Routine 2015

Winter Skincare Routine 2015

Its crucial for me to have a strict skincare routine. My skin type is dry and its quite dehydrated in the colder months. I tend to flake more and I will also get more redness in some areas more than others. Here are the rules […]

What to Pack on a Country Trip

I recently have been on a three day trip to Kangaroo Valley which is just south of Sydney. Its a beautiful small town with a lot to see and do! Here’s how you pack for a small weekend getaway. From Left to Right: –

My Favourite Beauty Blogs

As mentioned in my ‘About Me’ (which I actually need to re-do properly) I blogged on Multitasking Damsel for two years about all things beauty! I’m still a beauty blogger at heart, I’ve complied a list of my favourite beauty bloggers for you guys to […]

How to Wind Down

After a hectic semester, I found myself struggling to wind down after a long day. However having said that, I’ve gotten into a bad habit of watching tv and being on my computer before going to bed which leaves my brain active during the few […]

Dry brushing..does it help?

PHOTO: Shutterstock After being solely a beauty blogger for more than a year, I constantly came across this trend of dry brushing! I mean it was quite niche but the trend was there! A lot of girls are quite conscious about dead skin cells and […]