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    Beginners Guide to Brushes: Eyes Edition

    eye makeup brushes

    Hopefully, you guys found the first part of the series helpful. We started off with base brushes, in today’s post, I will be talking about all the basic eye brushes you need to start your makeup journey off!

    Tapered Blending Brush

    tapered blending brush

    The first two are a tapered blending brush. (I shouldv’ve taken separate photos!)

    • Tapered in shape
    • The best for blending eyeshadows in the crease
    • Very versatile – you can use for blending or applying eyeshadow
    • It’s fluffy so it makes blending a dream!

    I like my tapered brushes from Sigma. Try the Sigma E25 which is pretty much the most popular amongst their eye brushes.

    I also like the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush as well for beginners.


    Eye Blending Brush

    tapered blending brush

    The far right.

    So just to not confuse you, it’s basically the non-tapered version. It’s more rounded in shape.

    • Really great for the blending out eyeshadows so they don’t look muddy
    • I usually like to use this with no colour and just to help blend any harsh edges

    Flat Shader Brush

    flat shader brush

    • Best to be used when applying colour straight to the lid
    • Comes in a range of sizes, you can get a small, medium and large depending on how much cover on the lid you want to cover

    Pro tip: Spray your brush with setting spray to amplify the shadow on your lid

    Smudge Brush

    smudge brush

    • This type of brush is really great for smudging eyeshadow on your bottom lash line to make it look smokey

    Domed Blending Brush

    domed blending brush

    • This is great a brush to use when you want to apply shadow concentrated in the “outer v” of your eyes

    What other eyeshadow brushes do you use? Share with us in the comments below!

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